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What is ‘Theft (Farm Property)’ cover?

Theft (Farm Property) insurance provides cover for Theft or loss of or damage from Theft (or attempted Theft) for items of Farm Property insured under Farm Property.

You can nominate a sum insured for Theft of Insured Property and Livestock.

In the event of a claim we will pay the lesser of:

  • repairing, replacing or reinstating the damaged or stolen property; or
  • the reasonable cost of repairing, replacing or reinstated the damaged or stolen property. ^

^Up to the sum insured for Farm Buildings, Farm Contents, Farm Infrastructure and Improvements and Fencing under section 2 of your policy but no more than the sum insured for theft of those items under section 4 shown on your schedule. i.e.

Theft means a person has taken your property without your knowledge, prior consent or agreement, with the intention of permanently depriving you of that property.
Insured Property means Farm Buildings, Farm Contents, Farm Infrastructure and Improvements, Windmills, Pumps & Irrigation Equipment, Fencing, Hay, Livestock, Farm Produce and Windmills, whether individually or collectively.

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