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Can I get insurance for my Farm Hosting?

Cover is available where annual revenue from Farm Hosting is no more than $25,000. Where annual revenue is between $25,000 and $50,000, a Farmstyle Insurance underwriter will review the risk in further detail and contact you to discuss. Farm Hosting is defined as the provision of meals, supply of on-Farm accommodation and/or Farm tours to guests for reward or payment. Farm Hosting does not cover You for any legal liability associated with, or in any way connected to, Recreational Activities.

Recreational Activities means the following activities:

  1. any motor-cross activities, motorcycling, trail-riding, quad-biking or activities using
    all-terrain Vehicles;
  2. mountaineering, rock climbing (but not rock bouldering), abseiling activities,
    hang-gliding, hot air ballooning, flying in any Aircraft, use of a flying fox or bungee jumping;
  3. hunting, shooting, archery or handling of weapons of any description;
  4. any water sports including canoeing, river rafting, paddling or swimming, water skiing, powerboating or aquaplaning; or
  5. any interaction with an animal, including riding, milking, shearing, and the petting or handling of any animals.
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