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What is ‘Farm Property’ cover?

Farm Property can provide cover for a range of items and assets around your farm.

If you have Farm Property cover, you will be covered for either:

  • Accidental Damage; or
  • Listed Events

The list below outlines the different types of property you can insure under your Farm Property Section

a. Farm Buildings which includes Hay Sheds, Dairy Sheds, Stables, Workshop/Farm Sheds, Machinery Sheds, Pump Houses, Poultry or Pig Sheds, Shearing Shed/Wool shed/Shearing Quarters and Cool Rooms.

b. Farm Contents means the property that you own or for which you are responsible, contained within an Enclosed Farm Building, or which is designed to operate in the open air, and which is used in the ordinary course of carrying out your Farming Business.
Some examples include farm tools and equipment, Fencing materials (but not Fencing itself) and accessories, portable electrical fencing, silo bags, silage tarps, fertilisers, fuels and oil supplies, farm chemicals, livestock, feed and similar farm inputs.

c. Fencing means boundary fencing, all internal fencing (including home & pool fencing), shared fencing, gates and electric fencing (including transformers and energisers).

d. Farm Infrastructure and Improvements includes things like telephone cables, telephone lines, power poles and the overhead wiring between the power poles and other fixed equipment, free- standing gas, sewerage, water tanks, radio receiving equipment, water stands, fuel tanks, stock yards, ramps, races, holding pens, feed troughs, drinking troughs, feed silos, grain silos, water pipes, drainage and sewerage systems, irrigation systems ordinarily intended only for farm use, sealed roads, sealed paths and sealed driveways and solar panels (not insured under the Home Property Section)

e. Windmills, Pump and Irrigation Equipment

f. Livestock covers all animals which You own or for which you are responsible but does not include fish, crustaceans, oysters or any other animals used in aquaculture farming.

g. Farm Produce includes
   (i) grain harvested from any of feed or food crops whilst stored in an Enclosed Farm Building, silo or other storage system after harvesting;
   (ii) silage of compacted, fermented, high- moisture grass fodder whilst stored in conventional anaerobic conditions;
   (iii) all other fruit, nut, berry, olives, oils and plants extracts and edible vegetable foods after harvesting from plants, whether processed or not, whilst protected from the elements and stored in an Enclosed Farm Building, silo or storage system;
   (iv) Wool;
   (v) Farm Produce does not include Hay. Hay needs to be insured separately under Hay.

h. Other items such as greenhouses, fabric shelters and trellis equipment

Accidental Damage please refer to page 69 of the PDS for policy definition

Listed Events please refer to the PDS on page 28 for policy definition

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