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What Small Farm owners are saying about Farmstyle Insurance

Farmstyle Insurance asked valued customer and Australian Small Farm owner, Liz Beavis, a few questions about her experience with our service. 

Tell us a little bit about yourself Liz!

Hi, I’m Liz Beavis. I’ve lived on a few rural properties in Queensland. Getting insurance for those properties has always been really difficult. It was a massive relief for me when I found Farmstyle Insurance and had a really good experience with them.

What did you like about your experience with Farmstyle Insurance?

I had a look at Farmstyle Insurance’s portal, I found it was really easy to add the different risks and to check the price difference to understand what I should and shouldn’t insure.
For example, we have a really old hay shed, probably not worth insuring. All I had to do was declare it and choose not to insure it so I saved some money there. There were a few areas I just played with: should I insure this item or not? What’s the cost difference? It was so helpful.

In the past, I’ve had to ring up a call centre, try and talk about it, explain the property, explain the shed. I wasted a lot of time and I’d just give up before I really had the ideal insurance product that I wanted whereas this time I could just play with the portal myself and get the insurance I wanted at the right cost. 

The other thing I found was really good was they were really helpful in explaining how the business coverage worked because I think a lot of small farmers have a few different income streams. We have some beef cattle, we also do beekeeping, and I also make soap and sell it at markets. So I talked through all of that and we worked out what parts of that would be included or excluded and just made notes on the policy. That was really helpful. In the past, I’ve tried to explain that to insurance people in call centres and actually ended up taking out different insurance products. With Farmstyle Insurance, I was able to save money because I could bundle some of that together and figure out the ideal policy to cover everything we do.

Would you recommend Farmstyle Insurance?

I would absolutely recommend Farmstyle Insurance to anyone that has a small farm property and whether or not you have a business or thinking about having a business with that property. They are really helpful and cover that gap between a normal domestic suburban property versus a big farm with very different insurance needs. It’s ideal if you’re in that in-between size. With a small farm business, you can tailor exactly what you need and get good value insurance that’s going to cover the risks on that property.

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